3D Print Resolutions

At Big Sky 3D we have a variety of 3D print resolutions to fit your projects needs. The cost of your project is greatly influenced by the time it takes your product to print. Selecting the right resolution is key. The pros at Big Sky 3D can help you with that. Please take a look at the information below.

ResolutionApplicationsTypical Cost
0.012" / 0.30 mm PrototypePrototypes with flat surfaces & large to medium radius$
0.008" / 0.20 mm SpeedPrototypes with some flat surfaces & medium radius$$
0.008" / 0.20 mm QualityFinished parts with low detail$$
0.006" / 0.15 mm SpeedPrototypes with some flat surfaces & tight radius$$$
0.006" / 0.15mm QualityFinished parts with medium detail$$$
0.004" / 0.10 mm DetailFinished parts with high detail$$$$
0.003" / 0.07 mm Ultra DetailHigh end prototypes and finished parts$$$$$
0.002" / 0.005 mm Ultra DetailUltra high quality prints$$$$$$
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Rapid Prototypes or 3D Printing

If your building a proof of concept rapid prototype or 3D printed a gift for someone, understanding the differences between 3D print resolutions has a lot to do with the quality of the finished product. In the photo, the extrusion was ran at 0.30 mm Prototype and the frog at 0.15 mm Quality.

Most manufacturers or designers ordering rapid prototypes are just using the product to verify fit and aesthetics. Being able to physically handle the part, affords the opportunity to make revisions before ordering expensive tooling. In this case a resolution of 0.30 mm Prototype is the right choice.

When making a print as the finished product, like the frog, a higher resolution will yield a cleaner or crisper finished look.

3D Print Resolution Examples

Here are some examples of the most commonly used resolution by our customers. Click on the image to enlarge.

0.012" / 0.30 mm Prototype
0.008" / 0.20 mm Speed
0.006" / 0.15 mm Quality
0.004" / 0.10 mm Detail
0.002" / 0.05 mm Ultra Detail

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